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Purchase multiple products from multiple stores through a single checkout.

Bringhub is the only truly universal solution that enables digital publishers to add an eCommerce layer to content and ads. Effortlessly. Instantaneously. Across all devices.

As the leading content to commerce platform, Bringhub seamlessly integrates commerce abilities into your site without changing or complicating your existing infrastructure and workflows. It’s that easy.

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The Bringhub SmartCart empowers transactions within editorial and sponsored content. Now users can buy multiple items from multiple stores in one checkout—without leaving your site! Keep users engaged through a customized eCommerce experience, complete with options to "favorite" items, create wish lists, and discover new products and related content.

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Our seamless checkout experience is now available in online display ads! The Bringhub SmartAd allows users to interact with products through a catalog-like experience and complete a purchase within the confines of the ad space. Take users from inspiration to exploration to conversion—through customizable and transactional ads.

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Your video content is a point of inspiration. Make it a point of purchase. The Bringhub VideoCart powers an easy-to-use shopping solution without disrupting the viewing experience. Present products in tandem with preselected timestamps or automatically display all featured items when the video ends. Your users can add products to a cart and even complete a checkout while a video is playing.

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The Bringhub StoreFront gives your content site an eCommerce storefront—automatically curated by your editorial content. Now, you can sell the items you feature (and more) without having to hold inventory, handle customer service, or manage fulfillment. Finally, you can provide your audience with a direct shopping destination that makes sense!

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