Frequently Asked Questions

?Who is Bringhub for?

Bringhub is for digital publishers looking to generate more revenue and brands looking to drive engagement. We work with digital publishers who create and manage editorial content. We also partner with brands to promote their products with/within contextually relevant articles across our premium publisher network.

?Why should I choose Bringhub?

Bringhub is a fully automated product and services discovery solution that amplifies digital publishers’ existing affiliate setup and improves click-thru rate. We automate the data-driven display of contextually relevant products within editorial content. We are royalty free and require no licensing fees. In other words, Bringhub is totally free for publishers!

?What does the Bringhub Mini-Storefront do?

The Bringhub Mini-Storefront (MSF) automates the display of contextually relevant products and services within editorial content, providing users with a quick path to purchase.

?How does Bringhub work?

The Bringhub platform is activated through two codes: the SmartWidget, which scans your content to identify products and context, and the Mini-Storefront embed code, which displays relevant products and services. We also offer easy setup solutions for Wordpress and Squarespace users.

?How does Bringhub make money?

Bringhub earns money through clicks and/or impressions of the sponsored products that appear on our publisher partners’ Mini-Storefronts.

?Where does Bringhub's Mini-Storefront live on my site?

We recommend adding the Mini-Storefront (MSF) embed code to your site's templates in a position that makes sense for your layout. The MSF will then render (in the placement you determined) every time any page that includes the MSF code is loaded.

?How do I know if I qualify for Bringhub?

Bringhub works with digital content sites of all sizes, from enterprise publishers to recognizable influencers to smaller independent blogs. Getting started is quick, easy, and free!

?How do I sign-up?

It's easy!
If you're a publisher, you can sign-up here.
If you're an advertiser/brand, you can sign-up here.

?Will Bringhub slow down my page load?

Bringhub knows: Size matters. And smaller is better! We minimize and compress our assets to ensure a small payload. In other words, if your site follows best practices, integrating Bringhub should not result in any noticeable page speed changes.

?Where can I see analytics?

We help publishers understand their audiences—for free. All Bringhub publishers have access to their unique dashboard which provides real-time data and analytics for Bringhub performance on their site. Our data on audience activity includes clicks, impressions, CTR, earnings, EPC, product favorites (where applicable) and more, sliced by pages, products and placements. Fancy, huh?

?Can I keep my current affiliate network?

Yes! Bringhub works with your existing affiliate relationships. Bringhub earns money through clicks and/or impressions of the sponsored products that appear on our publisher partners’ Mini-Storefronts. In other words, we will not take a share of your affiliate earnings (though we'll probably increase them!).

?I don't have any affiliate partners. Can I still use Bringhub?

Yes! In fact, we'll help you get set up with an affiliate account to ensure your Mini-Storefront earns you money. We'll walk you through this as part of your account setup.

?I don't have any products on my site. Can I still use Bringhub?

Yes! From your publisher dashboard, you can opt-in to display contextually relevant items from a pool of top-performing products.

?Can I customize how Bringhub looks on my site?

Yes! From your dashboard, you can easily adjust fonts, colors, text, and layout of select elements in the Mini-Storefront.

?How do I get paid and how often?

All payments due to Bringhub clients will be made within sixty days following the end of each calendar month for sponsored results served during the preceding calendar month.

?Does Bringhub work on mobile?

Yes! Bringhub is fully responsive. The Mini-Storefront transitions to stacked tiles on mobile vs inline tiles on desktop.

?Where is your privacy policy?

Check out our privacy policy here.

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